H.E. Engelbrecht Acquires Lexington Transport Corp. —Opens New Offices

he engelbrecht acquires
lexington transport corp
opens new offices

Capt. Henry E. Engelbrecht, formerly vice president in charge of operations for the United Tanker Group, has acquired Lexington Transport Corporation.

Sinnan Pu and Capt. Nick Ni, also formerly of United Tanker, have joined Lexington in the capacities of vice president-engineering and assistant vice president- operations, respectively.

Chris Vournas, formerly associated with Winco Tankers, Inc., has been appointed controller, and Elvira Randisi, also formerly of United, has joined as executive secretary.

Lexington presently operates two special-purpose tankers and one bulk carrier. In keeping with Lexington's expansion program, an additional handy sized tanker and bulk carrier are to be shortly added to the fleet.

Lexington's new offices are located at 551 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017.

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