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NOAA Patrol Boat


OCM partnered with the design team at Shockwave

Seats to design and then build a ? ve-man fully shock-mit- igating operator-console, known as an Integrated Control

Environment or “ICE-Console”, to insulate the boat’s op- erators and equipment from the jarring impacts caused by wave action at sea. It is fully-free-? oating with three-axis of movement while suspended on 12 inches of travel sup- ported by six pneumatic Fox Racing shock-absorbers.

The vessel is powered by twin 300-horsepower Ya-

Ocean Craft Marine maha outboard motors, and features state-of-art navi-

Annapolis, Md. boatbuilder Ocean Craft Marine gational and communication electronics, including a (OCM) delivered a custom-designed 9.5-meter rigid hull David Clark Company fully-integrated digital wireless in? atable boat (RHIB) to the National Oceanic and At- headset-communication-system, FLIR thermal camera mospheric Administration (NOAA) Of? ce of Law En- and Furuno HD Radar.

forcement (OLE), Paci? c Islands Division headquartered The RHIB has a cruise speed of 36 miles per hour while in Hawaii. The RHIB was custom designed for the ex- consuming 20 V-GPH and has a top speed of 58 miles per treme offshore environs of the open Paci? c Ocean wa- hour. The boat’s twin 100-gallon fuel tanks provide a mis- ters and the various mission-pro? les that are unique to sion-range of approximately 360 miles without refueling.


City Pilot Boat

The Galveston-Texas City Pilots ordered a fourth launch from Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, Duclos

Corporation. Delivery is scheduled for late 2022.

With a length overall of 73.2’, beam of 23.3’ and draft of 5.9’, the all-aluminum, high-speed pilot boat features the Ray Hunt Design deep-V hull.

It will be powered by three Volvo Penta D13, EPA

Tier 3 marine diesel engines, each delivering 800

Bhp at 2,300 rpm, and integral to the engines’ tri- ple IPS-Pod 1050 system. Top speed will be over 30 knots. The vessel will burn 25% less fuel than

Gladding Hearn the pilots’ existing 70-foot pilot boats at the same speed, said shipyard of? cials.

Humphree interceptors, with Active Ride Control, Coordinated Turn and Automatic Trim Optimization, will be in- stalled at the transom. Seakeeper 30HD stabilizing gyro will be installed to reduce up to 80% of the vessel roll at all speeds.

Outside the wheelhouse are wide side-decks and a ? ush main deck and on the foredeck aft of the wave break are port and starboard boarding platforms. A Harken safety rail system will be installed on the wheelhouse handrails. A control station is at the transom, along with a winch-operated J-Basket rescue system and recessed stairs and platform, for pilot rescue operations. MN 41|

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