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Shipbuilding & Repair

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Automated Welding Solutions Save

Time and Maximize Manpower for

Shipbuilding and Repair

All images: Pemamek emamek has provided automated welding solu- Ship hulls consist of many thick and heavy panels welded tions to the shipbuilding industry for more than together, some weighing more than 300 tons. These blocks 25 years. Modular lines consisting of everything are pieced together to form the hull. Often, ships experience from simple robotic welding systems to entirely stresses caused by the harsh conditions of the sea, or even the

P integrated plate preparation, joining and ? nish- Great Lakes. When building a boat or ship that undergoes ing operations can be built according to customer needs. these stresses, following the Welding Procedure Speci? cation

But, according to Michael Bell, Sales Director for Pemamek is of paramount importance. Pema solutions can include two

LLC, the North American subsidiary of Finland-based separate stations with two machines or as fully automated

Pemamek Oy, their systems are customizable for all types systems integrated into one stiffener mounting and welding of vessels ranging from sub birthing barges, to tugboats, to station. But ? rst, the plates must be prepared for welding. “If ocean liners to naval warfare vessels. your plates have been stored outside for three to ? ve months, 36 | MN September 2021

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