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Staten Island Ferry’s ? rst Ollis

Class vessel on sea trials and complete projects that have failed at other shipyards.

We have also built a reputation of trust. We keep our word and deliver results because that is the right thing to do.

Even if it comes at an economic cost to our business, our customers can count on us to we get the job done.

Our company is a family business that has always made it a point to give back to the community. Our community is our home, and we want to do our part to help it thrive. We have been very involved in local charities designed to help children affected by domestic abuse, have partnered with our school district to bring training programs to our area, and are involved in volunteer work with our local hospitals.

We keep values like these at the forefront as we manage our business, and they ? ow down through our management chain all the way to the deck plates. This is why our employ- ees won’t leave a job until they are satis? ed it is done right.

While I know your portfolio of work is broad, please provide an in-depth look at one recent commerce and energy exploration in Alaska.

project that you consider to be particularly

We are executing for the USCG by delivering unparal- challenging, gratifying or otherwise indicative leled quality of construction while at the same time uti- of the work that you do.

JD: Eastern Shipbuilding is proud to be delivering for the lizing proven, DCMA certi? ed business management sys-

USCG the Heritage Class Offshore Patrol Cutters. We cel- tems speci? cally tailored to this government project. I am ebrated the keel authentication of the ? rst vessel, USCGC con? dent we will continue building forward momentum

Argus, with the Commandant and Coast Guard leadership as we partner each day with the USCG to deliver excel- in 2020. Argus will be ready for delivery in 2022. Hulls two lence in government shipbuilding.

(keel laying completed May 2021) and three are currently ESG has demonstrated incredible resilience and ability under contract as well demonstrating ESG’s ability to ex- in producing these state-of-the-art national security vessels ecute multiple concurrent hull construction projects. This through major setbacks brought on by Hurricane Michael multibillion-dollar acquisition is the Department of Home- and COVID-19.

land Security and USCG’s highest investment priority. The Eastern Shipbuilding is the best and lowest risk choice

OPCs represents the backbone of the Coast Guard’s cutter for quickly and reliably introducing OPCs of demonstrat- ? eet, bridging the capabilities of the 418-foot national secu- ed high quality into the active ? eet because we provide a rity cutters, which patrol the open ocean, and the 154-foot uniquely mature OPC design and 3D model that meets fast response cutters, which serve closer to shore. The OPCs OPC speci? cations, a proven, fully documented produc- will conduct missions including law enforcement, drug and tion approach and ample, modern facilities dedicated to, migrant interdiction, search and rescue and other homeland and currently executing, OPC production. security and defense operations. Each OPC will be capable We are proud to work with the best engineers and inno- of deploying independently or as part of task groups and vators in the industry. We have contracted more than 200 serving as a mobile command and control platform for vendors in 34 states and many of them are minority-owned surge operations such as hurricane response, mass migration and small businesses. We partner with companies who incidents and other events. The cutters will also support share our philosophy of quality and results and when we

Arctic objectives by helping regulate and protect emerging ? nd those like-minded suppliers, we remain loyal to them. MN 19|

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